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2001 A Space Oddity

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donwloadUploaded on 31/7/02
Africa plays it's part in the space race when Nasa's space shuttle Atlantis makes an emergency landing on the streets of Cape Town city center, South Africa.
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fourkidneys on 14 January 2009
interesting, but more realistic if camera shook whenever shuttle flew past it.
Reactor on 14 March 2006
An ex Capetonian, I loved the ending, only thoise that have been there will fully appreciate.

The sights also made me very homesick :-(
DMB on 21 August 2005
Super slick. Thought the guy directing the shuttle to park was ingenieous ending. Two thumbs up!!
Marie on 24 February 2005
Wacky and funny
Nomisk on 25 January 2005
Hahaha! Loved it this first time i saw it and always will. Would have been good if the parking boy went
"eeissh jjjo" but thats me just being stereotypical :p
Robin on 3 January 2005
17 years after leaving Cape Town, great to see my old office still standing, the familiar sights and the parking boys still hard at work...

quite nostalgic I will make sure all my old Cape Town buddies get the link... Thanks
boyo on 8 October 2004
Great special effect..great edit and great movies.
After all, I love very much with the ending of film when parking man do his job. exelent
nick on 7 July 2004
it was great and fun.
good sounds system too.
Buzzafett on 20 February 2003
There was something else weird about this movie that I couldn't quite put my finger on.
I figured out that it was to do with the 180 rule of film making. The camera is constantly moving from the left side of the Shuttle to the right.
This makes the film confusing to watch for the viewer. For example, in the establishing shots, the Shuttle is moving left of frame to the right. Half way through, it is moving right to left and frequently flips back and forth between the two.
Buzzafett on 20 February 2003
Overall I like the idea, although it looked too much like the 405 movie.
The shuttle seems to be travelling too fast in some of the shots. I think that if it came in to land a little slower, it would look more convincing and have more weight.
Motion blur would solve the crispness in some of the shots. Static shots would benefit from some camera movement and camera shake could be added, when the Shuttle crashes into the bridge for example.
tcheress on 14 January 2003
excellent a must see!!!!!
Bluez on 8 November 2002
Definately a must-see! Only fellow Cape Townians will understand about the parking but it is an example of the finest video talent in the world. Proudly South African!
MManrique on 28 September 2002

dave wilson on 14 September 2002
wow. this was amazing. I love the idea, and the directing and effects are awesome. I work for another visual effects house in south africa, but I have to say that it was amazing to see a visual effects company spend its own time, money and resources to shoot its own promo material. These guys have an added advantage because the owners are top directors, but they have certainly set the standard for us. We are a smaller company, but we were so inspired by this that we are busy working on our own short film at the moment. We hope to release it soon, and perhaps it will also be good enough for pocket movies. Thanks for the inspiration Atomic Vfx. You guys rock... *grin*
sbc on 3 September 2002
Nice clip...Liked it. Could have been a little more realistic. But what do I know..Keep up the great work.
Anna on 13 August 2002
I love this. I have one brother who is a pilot and the other one is a truck driver (did you see it almost hit that big 18 wheeler?) They both, of course have computers, but I'm going to download this to my PPC (they don't have one of these babies yet and we can all have fun watching it with my Mother who is recovering from an accident in hospital.

Thanks for making such great products! I'll be back for more.

mel on 11 August 2002
I saw a 30sec version of this clip that a friend emailed me. This clip was HUGE in South Africa. Everybody I know in South Africa with a computer has seen it. It also played on TV and on screens in shopping malls. I think its hysterical, but only South Arican's or people who have been to South Africa will understand it. In Cape Town the street people always try and escort you into obviously vacant parking bays. Anyway, thanks Atomic.
Wild1 on 10 August 2002
I really enjoyed this.
I liked the build up of suspense, I also liked the shots of inside building, I liked the Parking scene.......I would have loved to heve seen the guy at the end push a ladder trolley up to the shuttle windows and pull out a bucket and sqeegee and start wiping the windows down.....
Anyway I really liked it......cheers for the laugh. :-)
Philth on 9 August 2002
Nice, a good showreel piece, but:
Color grading is important. You have to make sure that the black levels of the composited object match the black levels of the background. The dark parts on the shuttle were noticably lighter than the dark parts of the street scenes. Matching levels/curves will make composited objects look less like 'postage stamps' stuck on a background. A good technical exercise, but without purpose or entertainment to a wider audience.
From South AFrica on 1 August 2002
I saw this locally (South Africa) on TV.... I guess they went to some effort with the live action elements, but the 3D and compositing are rubbish. The colour's all wrong, and the perspective {camera matching] of the shuttle coming in seems out....

Dundil on 1 August 2002
Based on 405, maybe?
I don't like Shuttle sound... It's like a engine. Not realistic.
About image, town or friends cooperation is fantastic, and Shuttle is very well inserted. Maybe it the last scene, when Shuttle has stopped, shadows are a bit hard...
All the street run could be more well-done. I mean: it is too obvious that you use Shuttle shadows and speed to make 3D less evident. Try doing a better quality animation and you won't need that.
Conclusion: nice job. Not brilliant but nice.
Dash on 31 July 2002
Nice job. Uses the same basic premise as 405, but with a big more depth.

Really well edited. The animation was pretty damn awesome but it would have used a motion blur affect in a couple shots.

Having said that, the camcorder sequence was brilliant.. I loved that!!

Overall, this is pretty damn snazy! Job well done AtomicVFX.