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Smart Beep

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donwloadUploaded on 22/9/00
Verry funny (and farty) commercial for a Pager Operator
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clarkkentgb on 14 March 2011
gyp-sy on 13 October 2009
that good
dterol on 6 September 2009
alireza1362 on 10 April 2009
««« LEGIØN »»» on 4 July 2003
¯ - _ The bešt commercial ever ¤
Tanx for da memmðrieš _ - ¯
Jollyrgr on 27 June 2003
This has got to be one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen. I am lucky enough to have seen it on broadcast TV before it was pulled. on 18 June 2003
Hilarious !!!!! The funniest commercial I have ever seen! See...girls really do fart!
videonigel on 15 May 2003
I laughed for 15 minutes after seeing this and everytime I think about it I laugh.
Ant on 8 February 2003
This commercial is a classic. Computer geeks and I even named an infobot ( Janice. :)

--Ant @ The Ant Farm:
The Ed on 24 April 2002
The most funniest commercial i've ever seen... haha
Skeetville on 3 March 2002
I seen this a few years ago on my brothers computer. It is freaking hilarious, it was better on his though because there was no advertisments.
zapwiz on 2 March 2001
This is actualy a general ad sold to different companies, I have seen it for about four other companies.
joe on 7 February 2001
I love u
Voxxer on 21 January 2001
Great commercial...but for a Pager Operator..gimme a break..
mv on 18 January 2001
Love this one