New Tesla Supercharger in Bussigny (Lausanne)

Tesla is readying a new Supercharger in Bussigny

After a few weeks of construction, this week has seen the final activities before the imminent launch of a new Tesla supercharger close to Lausanne.

Located at the crossing of the A1 and A9 motorways, via the Crissier / Bussigny exit, one of the busiest motorway section of the Lausanne area this is a very good news for the local Tesla owners (such as myself in a few weeks ;-)).

The SuperCharger has 14 stalls all equipped with CSS plugs for Model 3 and support up to 120kW charging.

This past week has seen the remaining electric parts installation and also road signage.

The Supercharger is located on the Novotel parking on rear of the building. People on the site are hoping for an opening next week so before mi-june !

Can’t wait !

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