Fast Charging Networks in CH

While there are quite a lot of 50kW DC chargers in Switzerland there are quite a few 100kW+ that are now available.

GOFAST (Gotthard Fastcharge)

One of the first (if not the first) pure Swiss based EV charging company to deploy fast charger on the roads.

You can access the current charging stations live in Switzerland on their website :

Go Fast Charging network as of 9.04.2019


IONITY is the first network to have launched here with 8 (as of 7.04.2019) active locations for a total of 36 CCS plugs.

You can locate them on IONITY website or alternatively on these two websites or


Tesla has also quite a lot of « Superchargers » in Switzerland (21 active, 2 in construction) but they are reserved only to Tesla cars.

They provide up to 120kW for a fast charge on your Model S, 3 or X.

The full list of superchargers and also on-destination chargers (slow) can be found on