Audi e-tron charging at IONITY

Audi e-tron fast charging @ IONITY

Today I had the change to be lended a new Audi e-tron from Arenaz and drive it up to Lausanne’s closest IONITY fast charger close to Bern. The e-tron was charged at around 40% when I left and the GOM (Guess-O-Meter) was estimating my arrival with some 15km. Needless to say I drove in efficiency mode and had a close look at the GOM and distance to arrival during the whole trip. To my very good surprise the estimation was quite consistent and I arrive with 6% battery left for a 19km range estimated. That was close!

Then – for the first time in my life (indeed) – I happened to plug a car to a power socket. A big and heavy CCS one. I was expecting some trouble but I went all very smoothly. I had setup before my IONITY account with my payment details and all I had to do is to scan the QR code on the charger and accept the credit card transaction (usual CVV and 3D Secure stuff). In less than 2 minutes the car was charging, already at more than 100kW

6% SOC only and already at 109kW charging power!

Since I had to be back at the Garage before 12:00 I had to cut the charge after 25 minutes with the battery already at 73% after. Meaning 67% in 25 minutes that could do 80% at 30 minutes – exactly as advertised by Audi.

In the end the charging station reported 58.74kWh delivered – that would mean 87.67kWh for 100% (without taking into consideration the charging losses).

Charging finished. Please put the plug back. 73% 58.74kWh delivered

I’ve made a small video with a timelapse of the charge from the car point of view.

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