The Audi e-tron in Abu Dhabi in Catalunya Red.

Audi e-tron get 328km EPA range

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in charge of homologating all vehicules sold in the US has officially certified the Audi e-tron for 204 miles – meaning 328km. This is a usual less than the e-Tron WLTP range of 417km, but as usual these WLTP ranges are not reachable in normal life conditions.

As with all EVs the range depends on so many factors that is it hard to say how far you will go today: temperature, speed, A/C, number of passengers… all of these can influence an EV range.

To compare here are a few WLTP / EPA ranges of similar vehicules

ModelWLTP Range (km)EPA Range (km)
Audi e-Tron417328
Jaguar iPace480391
Tesla Model X 100D474

In the « Premium SUV » segment the Audi is receiving the lowest score in terms of range, but as the automaker commented, it is today the fastest to charge amongst the category with a real 150kW DC charging capabilities from 0 to 80% SOC.

So while 328km is way enough for everyday scenario where you have access to a charging solution either at home or the office, it might be something to consider for long distance trips, especially nowadays when 150kW + fast charging stations are not that frequent, especially in Switzerland.

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